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The church was organized in 1940. The first meeting was at the church at Sears and Summit Streets, which is now the Skillman Avenue Church in Dallas, TX. The church officially incorporated on September 1st, 1940 with 12 members. The church met for one year in a building rented from the Primitive Baptist Church, located just north of the railroad on McKinney and Lane Streets and then moved to the W.O.W. hall in Mesquite, TX for an additional year. On August 30th, 1942, the church held its first service in a new building that was built on the purchase of Lots 1 & 2, Block B of the J.M. Porter Addition under the name of the College and Locust St Church of Christ.

The church underwent some major renovations for its auditorium on February 15th, 1953; February 4th, 1955; February 11, 1961; and November 1969. An education building was first built in 1943. In 1985, the new education building was dedicated and around this time, the congregation officially changed their name from the College and Locust St Church of Christ to the Mesquite Church of Christ. During the time when all of the existing facilities were being constructed, the church purchased properties surrounding the original two lots. Most of these purchased lots now make up the north and south parking lots on our campus.

Just a few years ago, the Mesquite Church of Christ renovated its Educational Building, heavily adding to the effectiveness of the Children’s Ministry classrooms.

During the early years many part-time preachers helped in the work by preaching on various occasions. Some of the early ministers were: W.T. Hamilton, C.C. Bankhead, L.H. Mathis, D.L. Freeman, T.J. Moon, Paul O. Ray, and H.D. Smith.

The Mesquite Church of Christ has been working for the Lord in Mesquite, Texas for 70 years. This congregation has enjoyed the love and togetherness found in being part of God’s family. We have come together using many ideas to spread the Word of the Lord in our Neighborhood, the Metroplex, and around the world. Some of these efforts may seem really small and insignificant, and others may seem huge and overwhelming, but no matter the size, God’s created souls benefit with teaching of the Truth from the Bible, assistance in their personal life, and an understanding of the love and hope that our Lord has blessed us with.